Paper templates

The authors should prepare papers strictly using the template available below.


Word Template: click here to download

Latex Template: click here to download

Presentation template

CIEES Conference PowerPoint template is now available! We strongly encourage all presenters to use the CIEES PowerPoint template.
More information you can find at the Instruction for Presentation

Recording Video Presentation

We suggest that you prepare your presentations in Power Point with audio and video recording, i.e. with a visible speaker.
Useful guidelines can be found at:
Recording Presentations with Zoom.pdf (Click here).

You can also use any other tool to record your presentation with audio and video in mp4 format.

Rename video file ID **.mp4 and send us the recording of your video via this website: to e-mail You should receive a confirmation.

IMPORTANT: The deadline for the submission of the presentation recording is 12 November 2022.