Stefan Ditchev is a Professor at University of Food Technology (UFT), Plovdiv and a manager of SPD Cert Ltd, both Bulgaria.
He holds MSc (1963), PhD (1973) and DSc (1984) respectively, from Technical University, Sofia, Higher Institute of Food and Flavour Industries, Plovdiv and Technical University, Sofia.
His research interests include refrigeration technique and technology, food engineering equipment, safety and quality management and assurance (GHP ,GMP, GLP, HACCP, ISO 9000,FSMS, TQM) and energy effectiveness.
Professor Ditchev is a member of the General Assembly of European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFST), Wageningen, NL, International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), Paris, International Academy of Refrigeration, St. Peterburg, Russia, World Technological University (UNESCO-Moscow), The Ukrainian Academy of Technological Cybernetics, New York Academy of Sciences and Association of the Energy Engineers, USA.
He was awarded with: A Golden Badge and Honoured Inventor in Bulgaria, Registered in the Golden Book of the discoverers and inventors in Bulgaria, Engineer of the year in Bulgaria, 1991, A Golden medal and diploma for inventions of the INPEX, Pittsburg, PA, USA and Doctor Honoris Causa of UFT, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2009.