1. Prepare your PowerPoint presentation
CIEES Conference PowerPoint template is now available! We strongly encourage all presenters to use the CIEES PowerPoint template.

Download Now

Please begin your presentation with the main title slide on the CIEES PowerPoint Template. You may also choose to use the template for your remaining slides.

2. Record your own presentation video
We propose to make your presentations in Power Point by recording audio and video, i.e. with visible speaker. The authors should prepare a video presentation up to 12 minutes that will be played on stream with authors participating in the discussion during the session.
Detailed guidelines and requirements are provided in the Recording and Uploading Guidelines (Click here).

IMPORTANT: DO NOT SAVE OR EXPORT the file as a POWERPOINT SHOW (.ppsx). Please save it as a .mp4 video file only.

3. Upload your video no later than 12th of November, 2021
Once you have prepared your video, follow these steps:
3.1. Name the file ID###_Video_CIEES2021.
3.2. Go to https://wetransfer.com/
3.3. Add your file
3.4. In the section “Email to” fill: conference@ciees.eu
3.5. In the section “Your email” enter your email address
3.6. In the section “Message” enter the message “ID###_Video Presentation
3.7. Click the button “Transfer

IMPORTANT: The deadline for the submission of the presentation recording is 12th of November, 2021.
Send us the recording of your video using this site: https://wetransfer.com/ to e-mail conference@ciees.eu . You should receive a confirmation.

4. Web-conferencing platform
All authors will receive information about the web-conferencing platform, which will be used for the conference streaming with all relevant information on time, before the conference.

IMPORTANT: All times are presented in Eastern European Time (EET), so be careful in the recalculation to your national time zone.