The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to:


Next generation networks
Beyond 5G & 6G access and core networks
Wireless and wireline communications
Optical communications and networks
Next generation passive optical networks and architectures
Multimedia communications
Telecommunication protocols
Telecommunication network management
Modeling and simulation
Telecommunication systems, networking and evaluation
Traffic modelling, monitoring, engineering and management
Emerging networking, tracking and sensing technologies
Satellite and terrestrial networks convergence
Communications for unmanned platforms (UxV)
Global navigation satellite systems
Spatio-temporal statistical learning and predictive modelling
Positioning, navigation and timing systems & technology
Navigation in the space environment and space segment developments
Intelligent transport systems

Information Technologies

Internet of everything (IoE)
Factory automation and industrial IoT solutions
Autonomous driving and V2X solutions
Internet and new IP services and applications
Communication interfaces (M2M, B2M, H2H, …)
Mobile terminal/handsets and operating systems/platforms
Cloud technologies and applications
Information processing and security
Network performances and quality of service
Software development and maintenance
Big data
Software defined networking
Network operating system
Quality (QoE and QoS) aware networking
ICT based methodologies and algorithms
Cryptography and network security


Electronic materials and applications
Electronic instrumentation and measurements
Nanotechnology and nanoelectronics
Sensor devices and technology
Electromechanical devices and technology
Analog, digital and mixed signal circuits
Electric vehicles
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Modeling and simulation
Robotic systems
Monitoring, control and data analysis

Smart Grid Systems

Smart grid technology
Microgrid & smartgrid
Smart cities, smart grids, and smart homes localization and location-based services
Distributed generation and grid interconnection
Novel energy conversion studies for smart grid
HVDC for smart grid
Power devices and driving circuits for smart grid
Performance Analysis of smart grid
Decision support systems for smart grid
Control techniques for smart grid
Power systems

Energy and Renewable Sources

Renewable energy
Alternative energy resources & storage
Thermal design and optimization
Thermodynamic instrumentation
Biomass, bioenergy & bio-economy
Energy storage technologies
Geothermal technologies
Solar power – concentrated, heating and cooling
Energy networks
Wind energy
Hydropower engineering & technology
Water resources management
Hybrid energy systems
Solar desalination

Industrial Design

Simulation based design
Geometrical modelling
Visualisation and virtualisation
Innovation methods and tools
Ecodesign implementation
Design for additive manufacturing
User-centred design
Aesthetics and visual impressions
User interaction design

Smart Farming

Available technologies for Farming 4.0 – drones, sensors, internet of things, robotics, big data, AI and more
Smart farming and environmental monitoring
Precision agriculture
Plant and crop science for improved resource-use
Autonomous tractors
Investment in R&D
Standardization, metrology and quality
Entrepreneurship in agriculture
Environmental management systems
Sensors and measurements